Technical regulations

If used in Germany, a national technical Approval issued by the Deutschen Instituts für Bautechnik (DIBt) or a European Technical Approval (ETA) is required. Approvals and product descriptions can be obtained directly from the manufacturers.

A national or European product standard is not yet in existence.

Due to the manufacturer-specific differences both with regard to production and to technical properties, products are not simply interchangeable without reworking of the structural analysis and the building physics verification!

Dimensioning of cross laminated timber can take place based on the regulations provided in the relevant technical Approval in accordance with DIN 1052: 2008 or DIN V ENV 1995-1-1: 1994.

The regulations, standards and guidelines issued for solid timber apply to verification of the thermal, moisture, sound and fire protection levels unless differences are regulated in the approvals.

Example of complian CE mark for approved cross laminated timber