Timber types

Cross laminated timber is manufactured as standard from spruce and fir. CLT is also occasionally manufactured from Pine, larch or exclusively fir. Further softwoods are permitted in accordance with DIN 1052:2008, Appendix H.2 (3), but are not common.

If a timber type other than spruce is required, you must reckon with long delivery times. For this reason other timber types should be enquired about and ordered in good time.

Accommodation of several timber types (e.g. larch in the outer skin and spruce in the core) is possible but currently seldom manufactured. 

Permissible timber types
Spruce, fir Standard
Pine, larch Less common

Timber type descriptions can be found, for example, in INFORMATIONSDIENST HOLZ "indigenous timber types" or in the "indigenous commercial timber" collection of datasheets.
Outer skins made of derived timber products can be used in CLT outer skins instead of solid timber outer skins. These can also be manufactured of timber types other than those described above depending on the type of derived timber product.