Vertical panel and plate stress

For glued CLT wall elements with the determining of the tension from stresses perpendicular to the wall plane the influence of the flexible laminate may be neglected if for the ratio of the buckling length sk to the element thickness d the following applies: 


The increase of the section size, considering the geometric non-linear behaviour when wall panels are made from bonded CLT, is typically under 10%. In these cases, according to paragraph 8.1 (2) of DIN 1052:2008, the stress from the section size according to theory I may be orderly determined. The vertical load on the wall panel produces a constant normal stress contingent in the vertical running board layer, whilst from excentric ceiling joints and wind stresses bending stress results perpendicular to the panel plane. 

According to paragraph 10.7 of DIN 1052:2008 a combined proof for bending and pressure must be carried out: