Calculation and dimensioning basis

Cross laminated timber elements can be considered as so-called yielding composite cross-sections. Their load-bearing capacity and stiffness must be determined taking the transverse layer shear deformation and load positioning into account. The calculation can be carried out by means of the so-called shear deformation analogy, the γ-method or also as a girder grid.

The manufacturers have ready preliminary estimates for customary load situations and support systems.
The dimensioning is carried out taking into consideration the execution of the permit according to the national dimensioning standard DIN 1052: 2008 or the European dimensioning standard DIN V 1995-1-1 (Eurocode-5-1-1).

On the following pages are depicted the calculation basis from CLT elements according to supplement D of DIN 1052-2008 together with the respective general building control permit. The load bearing performance of the surface elements is formed through material and, as a consequence of the orthogonal formation of individual locations, through constructive anisotropism.